August 24, 2011

Joslyn and Marcelo: e viveram felizes para sempre

... and they lived happily ever after.

Just weeks after their wedding at the Sunset Christian Center in Rocklin, Joslyn and Marcelo moved to his native Brazil.  Joslyn's parents build churches in Brazil and that's where they met Marcelo's father, a minister.  Joslyn's dad is quite sure that he patted Marcelo on the head as a young boy.  It was years later when Joslyn and Marcelo met at a family function while he was visiting the U.S.  Joslyn was a little standoffish, but it didn't take long for Marcelo's fun, kooky personality to win her over.  

Not only do Joslyn and Marcelo make a GORGEOUS couple, they're warm, friendly, and fun!  On top of all that, their friends and family were so welcoming and made me feel like one of the crew.  I can't begin to express how much I enjoyed working with them all.



  1. Gorgeous work! Thank you so much for sliding right into our crazy crew for a beautiful day. It was great working with you! ~Kathy C

  2. These are stunning, you do great work!!