June 29, 2011

Rym and Tim are married in San Francisco

Rym and Tim were married at the beautiful Marriott Hotel in Union Square.  This couple is from Sacramento, but they love the city so much they decided to take their wedding down to the bay.  Rym simultaneously planned her wedding and studied for finals.  She graduated from college and got married all in the same week.  Gotta love a girl that keeps busy!

As all us native Californians know, it always rains the last week of May right?  Well this crazy weather year didn't disappoint.  We got rained on, but it didn't damper anyone's spirits.  Rym looked beautiful and we had a great time walking around the wet streets of San Francisco.  Just as we finished shooting and headed up to the reception the rain let up.  Mother nature, why do you toy with me?  But it worked out wonderfully for their guests who were treated to a cloudless view of the city from the 30th floor ballroom.  

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